Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition is an integrative discipline that involves chemistry, biology, physiology, pharmacology, medicine, behavior science and other disciplines. In addition to preparing graduates to become registered, licensed dietitians, nutrition science is a great pre-professional major for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and the allied health professions. ECU offers two tracks within the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science.

Didactic Program in Dietetics (DP)

Didactic Program in Dietetics prepares students to become Registered Dietitians. These professionals translate the science of nutrition into education and life style practices that can enhance growth, improve health and reduce chronic disease risks. The DP track is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Admission and retention for the DP track requires a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA from courses taken at East Carolina University. Program admission is very competitive and requires completion of all prerequisite courses and an application submitted in February of the previous year. The number of students admitted to the DP track will be limited to 26 each academic year. Note: After successful completion of the DP, students are required to complete a supervised practice or dietetic internship. Completion of a DP program does not guarantee admission into a supervised practice or dietetic internship. Admission is extremely competitive due to the limited number of available positions.

Nutrition with Science (NS)

Nutrition with Science  prepares students to apply for a variety of professional schools including occupational therapy, physician assistant studies, physical therapy, dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. This program requires 120 semester hours and includes 20 semester hours of electives to promote flexibility that will allow students to complete the necessary perquisites for professional school applications. Students may also consider minors in areas that complement their career goals. Suggested minors include public health, business, psychology, exercise science, or health promotion. Admission and retention for the NS track requires a 3.0 GPA.


  • Biol 1100, 1101 (3, 1)
  • Biol 2110, 2111 (3, 1)
  • Biol 2130, 2131 (4, 1)
  • Chem 1150, 1151 (3,1)
  • Chem 1160, 1161 (3, 1)
  • Chem 2750, 2753 (3, 1)
  • Comm 2020, 2410, or 2420 (3)
  • Math 1065 (3)
  • Nutr 1300 (DP only) (3)¬†
  • Nutr 1330 (1)
  • Nutr 1010 (3)
  • Nutr 2105 (3)
  • Psyc 1000 (3)
  • Soci 2110 (3)
  • Statistics (Bios 1500, Math 2228, or Math 2283)